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Thank You, Federal Hill, Providence

July 21, 2011 No Comments

Special thanks to the Nightlife Orchestra and the large crowd gathered at DePesquale Square in Federal Hill Providence, for making last night’s last minute big band vocal experience a memorable one. Special thanks to Buddy Cianci for the courteous radio mentions! The Nightlife Orchestra and I are working behind the scenes to schedule a big band dance ...


7/20 Tonight in Providence

July 20, 2011 No Comments

Sorry for the last minute post (I just got the news myself): I’ll be making a guest appearance performance with the Nightlife Orchestra tonight from 6:30-9PM in Federal Hill. DePasquale Square (Venda Ravioli and the italian restaurant district) will be home to a full 18pc orchestra every other Wednesday throughout the summer. See you there!

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Mark Mahar

Mark Mahar is an award-winning songwriter and performer. Most known for his renditions of 20th Century popular Jazz,...