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Bass (Massachusetts)


Mike is a New Bedford resident and career musician. He has performed regionally at countless festivals and enjoyed a wide varitey of live performance. His natural skill in various styles of music, on both electric and acoustic bass, has helped him become a sought-after session/studio musician, freelance bassist and private instructor.

As an active educator he has been involved with the Berklee School of Music’s “Summer Guitar Sessions” and numerous clinics on the high school and college level. His general knowledge in his field has prompted contributions on articles for publication and on instrument manufacturing.

As the “first call” Bass player, Mike has been a part of the Boston Swing family for several years. He has performed at private engagements and public concerts in some of our country’s most notable rooms, recording with countless emerging and well-known musicians, and brings an unrivaled level of musicianship to the band.

Put simply, Mike’s a “bass enthusiast” (to say the least). He is currently constructing innovative instruments and designs for retail instruments. He is also the resident instructor and Bass Repair Specialist at Symphony Music in Dartmouth, MA.


Mike Lavoie

I Wish

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Leave It Alone (from “Careless Moon”)
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Mike plays on the majority of our hosted live recordings (see the Media page)

He is a also a member of the recording studio roster for Boston Swing.


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