Boston Swing

On Performance
To effectively produce live entertainment, one must possess a serious passion for two things: The Music and The Occasion (usually the client’s vision or event). We appreciate the importance of accurately placed passion – our passion has won us performance opportunities, client business and great artist relationships (all of which are the envy of any band). Notable club residencies and a national stage presence require more than just musical talent. Boston Swing endeavors to remain something truly more relevant than the great music we make.

On LIVE Performance
Videos hosted on this website are shot in front of an audience. Many of our competitors will pre-record their performances in a controlled and edited environment (a recording studio) and then lip-sync for their promotional videos, or sync their live video with doctored studio audio.  All of our Boston Swing video is presented “as it happened”, to show us performing on a real stage in front of a real audience.  Our musicians are true artists – they cumulatively appear on more LIVE recordings than we can keep track of.  Google anyone who performs (or has performed) with Boston Swing and you’ll find their titles on itunes, stellar candid performances, and credits with multiple acts.

On Weddings
It takes an especially dedicated producer to properly engage in wedding reception entertainment. I sincerely embrace the opportunity to perform at a wedding reception because it is one of the few occasions in life when it is actually “our job” to “celebrate love” and be an ambassador for a family. If a producer doesn’t embrace that concept, or fails to place it at the center of a wedding reception, they’ve got no business booking a band (weddings aren’t “gigs” – weddings are WEDDINGS).

On Passion
My love for music has driven me to establish a roster of amazing musicians.  Our passion is mutual and it has allowed me to enjoy exceptional relationships. It has driven me to invest in the region’s most comprehensive library of sheet music arrangements. Boston Swing has thousands of titles, arranged for ensembles of most any size (from a “3 Horn Funk Band” to a “40pc Orchestra”). Tools and talent make music possible but our “band” is made possible by the PEOPLE behind Boston Swing – the management, musicians & vocalists that I work, who possess a world-class attitude and conduct themselves with the utmost integrity. Anyone who answers the phone, talks to a client or shows up on stage is of the highest character and dedication. Many are educators, mentors and national recording artists themselves.

Ask any musician or producer about the culture of our organization and they will tell you – we repeatedly combine the least amount of stress with the best musicians, in some of the best venues in the country… and everyone has a great time. We don’t claim to be the best band on the planet… but I defy any band in the country to make music with such finesse, class, maturity and diversity as Boston Swing (and to the client’s repeated satisfaction).

We’ve never been stiffed…we’ve never had a disgruntled client…we always deliver.

There is an old adage in business -

“When you love something it tells you its secrets.” We know the secret to an awesome live performance because it is our passion – everyone I work with absolutely loves what they do. We help make events special and the memories more vivid. We would love the opportunity to do it for you and your guests. – Mark Mahar – Crooner/Bandleader