Mark Mahar

Boston Swing - Mark Mahar

Vocalist/Producer/Bandleader (Massachusetts)

What started out with vocal imitation as just a “fan of great music”, has become a stylistic art form for Mark. He is no stranger to the art of imitation, having convincingly taken the stage as Sinatra, Dean Martin, Elvis Presley, and even “Ace Ventura, Pet Detective”. His musical influences are rooted in Jazz, Big Band, DooWop and 50′s Rock & Roll.

The vocalists and musicians he credits with his own vocal style represent a laundry list of talent; A veritable who’s who of 20th Century Popular Music, and nothing short of “eclectic”. Mark has somehow emerged from the other side of this musical labyrinth with a genuine sense of himself. At the heart of him is Jazz. A resume consisting of countless national performances and award-winning original songs is a testament to the impact his influences have had on his art.

“The fact that I imitated every voice I heard has been such an incredible education for me. All those voices in my head ultimately helped me find my own. I grew up loving old music and notable film characters, but hip enough to dig what was current… so I’ve got a lot of music and influences to enjoy. The fact I get to write and perform my own music too is just plain cool!”
“I have been blessed with an array of talents in many areas of my life, but it took me until I was about 25 to realize what I loved most… and that is ‘swing’. When I sing, and when it’s swingin’, I feel like it is what I was born to do. I take it very seriously – way beyond just my singing… I genuinely try to pay homage to an era.”

Throughout a career of “doing what he loves” (on-stage and off), Mark has written, produced, directed and performed for radio, film, tv & stage. His growing list of creative work has been recognized and featured internationally.

“If you are passionate about art (or an inventor at heart), you really have no choice but to work your #ss off. Art requires dedicated focus and a willingness to suffer for it. Innovation requires blood, sweat, patience and repeated failures. I’m not afraid or shy about putting all of my talent on the line (and even learning what I don’t know) for something that inspires me. I have succeeded more than most because I’ve failed more than most. I love my life and am extremely thankful for the opportunity to enjoy a substantial portion of it on stage. There’s no business like show business.”

Over the last two decades, Mark’s seemingly boundless passion for art & innovation has placed him in a variety of off-stage management, executive & advisory board roles for multiple industries (aviation, retail, automotive, real estate, insurance, construction and entertainment production)… involving him in everything from branded toys & airplanes to production studio/venue design. He is a consummate and prolific producer, musician & entrepreneur.

*Mark’s award-winning original song, New New Orleans, is about a heavenly nightclub and a conversation with Sammy Davis, Jr.

2-1/2 year resident host of Boston’s famous “Sinatra Sunday” (Al Vega Trio at Lucky’s Lounge; continued occasional cameos)
3 year resident entertainer at The Rat Pack Cafe in Framingham, MA
1 year resident host of Sunday Jazz “American Songbook” series at Cheers! Restaurant (Boston)

Numerous short run residencies in the region’s most notable venues (as well as private productions)

Mark has been a contributing member of the creative teams behind many national brands. He remains active in the community and is proud of his mentorship role with many emerging artists & business people.

Most recently, Mark has been a featured performer with the Cape Cod Symphony Orchestra (An Evening of The Standards), hired as a commercial and voice-over actor, and makes frequent appearances as a contract vocalist for high-society events (appearing alongside acts such as The Sultans of Swing, Jay Leno, Kristen Chenowith; and for celebrity clientele).  He remains active in the Boston Entertainment Scene (as a producer, vocalist and bandleader).



Mark Mahar

New New Orleans

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Straighten Up & Fly Right
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Careless Moon
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