Featured Friends

FRIENDS OF BOSTON SWING – Past & Present co-stars.

We created biography pages for the many talented artists whom we have “captured on camera” (while they performed with Boston Swing). Obviously, we really dig their talent and hope you will follow their solo career!

Our industry reach and professional stage presence are both made possible by our impressive network.
These independent solo artists deserve thanks for being a part of the band (whether it was for one night or the entire last decade).
We would also like to congratulate them on their independent career successes…and tell you where you can learn more about them, their music, their calendars, etc…
.  Please check out their bios to learn more about the extremely talented people that we get to call our friends.

Boston Swing’s Past & Present Vocalists

  • Erika Van Pelt - Boston Swing
  • Greg Luttrell - Boston Swing
  • Mikelyn Roderick - Boston Swing
  • Bird Taylor - Boston Swing
  • Eric Fontana - Boston Swing
  • Nicole Caramanica - Boston Swing
  • Brad McNett - Boston Swing
  • Mark Mahar - Boston Swing


Boston Swing’s Past & Present Instrumentalists

  • Mike Lavoie - Boston Swing
  • Steve Silverstein - Boston Swing
  • Mark Rasmussen - Boston Swing
  • Greg Luttrell - Boston Swing
  • Jeff Hoyer - Boston Swing


  • Eric Fontana - Boston Swing
  • Kyle Nasser - Boston Swing
  • Marcus Monteiro - Boston Swing
  • Trent Austin - Boston Swing