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Temporary Reconstruction

July 29, 2012 No Comments

Hello visitors! We have recently updated our website with the “latest and greatest”. As would be expected (despite promises to the contrary), our switch to the new technology has caused a bunch of our web content to “vanish” from public view. Don’t worry – we’ll find the one missing comma or “>” symbol that is causing all the ...

Erika (Top 10 and Touring)

Erika (Top 10 and Touring)

July 1, 2012 No Comments

Well, they dimmed the lights and read the results – our beloved Erika isn’t going to be this year’s winner of American Idol…but she deserves congratulations for making the TOP TEN (and becoming part of the American Idol 2012 Tour)!:               Image courtesy of Sarah Van Pelt (Erika’s talented younger sister). The Ten Finalists from Season 11 are ...

Mark Mahar

Mark Mahar is an award-winning songwriter and performer. Most known for his renditions of 20th Century popular Jazz,...