Open Letter – Boston Eventworks Clients (closing and bankruptcy)

From the Desk of Mark Mahar
(National Producer, Bandleader, Vocalist)

This is an open letter to any former Boston Eventworks Clients

Have you planned an event with Boston Eventworks and recently learned of their closing (and filing for Bankruptcy protection)?

That is tough news for a Corporate Client (I’ve been on the receiving end of that as a Vendor).

BUT…I can’t even imagine what that news is like for a Bride and Groom!

In either case,  I WANT TO HELP.

If your event or wedding (even your deposit) is compromised by the recent news, my team and I will do everything in our power to rescue you and your important plans from circumstances which are obviously beyond your control.

1. There are many reputable and solvent event companies and vendors in the Greater Boston area.  If you would like a referral, we are happy to provide one.

2. The entertainment and event industry is a critical part of my existence (financially and emotionally) – I do this work because I love it and because I have a passion for seeing an audience enjoy themselves as a device of achieving a great atmosphere (a moment in time that my team and I have helped orchestrate).  Because I am passionate about everything I do, I have surrounded myself with some of the world’s most exceptionally talented and creative people (people with great business ethics, warm hearts, pleasant attitudes and a sense of duty/accountability).  We have been around for 15 years.  We can provide just about everything you might need.

I have managed projects from $1k to $18Million and performed around the country for elite private audiences.

I’ve been the singer, bandleader or producer for more than a few hundred weddings.

I know some people.  I have some talents.  Boston Swing is a band…owned by a parent company…and we do more than just make great music.

Drop me an email and I will reply with my cell number – (or call the Boston Swing hotline and leave me a message)

Wedding Clients or Corporate Clients


We will work with whatever budget you have left (even if you already paid a deposit – we’ll do everything we can to make your event happen with the remaining budget).

Believe it or not, Event companies don’t pay contractors as much as you think.  Odds are that even if you paid a 25% deposit we can still help you rescue the budget by hiring all the contractors directly and without a markup.

We will get you a great band.
We will enlist our contacts throughout the entertainment industry to replace (or retain) the special guest you wanted.
We will work with the venue to insure that all of the amenities and decor will happen the way you had planned.
We will review all of the technical details to determine all audio, lighting, recording, effects, projectors, screens, staging, rigging, transportation and labor requirements – then we will make sure you have those things (on time and within your budget).

The only thing you have to do is contact us, produce your contract and ask for our help.

We will be honest with you and guide you towards the best possible solutions for your event (even if that means we send you to someone else and don’t make a dime).

Please note: I say “we” because I’m not alone in my interest of having a positive impact on an industry which is constantly (constantly!) poisoned by a cast of questionable or inept characters.  Everyone I work with puts their best foot forward to help improve the image, resources, and (most importantly) the entertaining presentations made through our industry – our industry – an awesome industry, through which we have the unique privilege of earning our living.

Unfortunately “event companies” come and go.  It is more common than the general public realizes.  So many of these entities are born of creative ambitions (or financial ones) which only have a short life expectancy.  Event companies are tough because they are a management entity.  They don’t really do anything real (the real work is done by stage riggers, performers, caterers or the lighting guy, etc.) – most event companies are simply money and transaction managers – they hire the real hardworking people and spend a budget to achieve your event needs.  This is a TOUGH business…and only the strong/talented survive.  If a business doesn’t do something “real” as part of the services it offers, it is only a matter of time before it fails.  No “manager” can profit forever without a core talent.  Our core talent is live music production and audio/video production.

I, Boston Swing, and all of our vendors have survived (and remained solvent) by knowing the limits of our resources.  We plan and organize in a manner which allows us to keep commitments to our clients.

No business is bullet proof…but your event can be.  The event you were planning is important or you wouldn’t be planning it.

Especially if it is your WEDDING – dang – I will do anything I can to make sure your wedding is as amazing as you were hoping.

If I can help, I will.  This industry is full of amazing people and I enjoy proving it.  You deserve it!

News like this is at best “uncomfortable”.

I am hopeful, though, that you will find some comfort in knowing that someone is available to help you (a professional who has good contacts, a great reputation and the diverse talents to help you conquer a challenging problem).  This isn’t the first time in my career that I have been called upon to rescue defunct or failing events (or companies) on account of third party failures.  Trust me – “we” can handle it and your event can still be a success.
If I hear from you, I will validate that you have called the right guy…and make all of the necessary introductions.  It costs nothing to speak with me and the worst that can happen is that you have some solid advice to move forward.

If I don’t hear from you, I hope it means that you have found a way to keep your event/wedding on track and that you are now working with one of my countless ethical and exceptionally talented peers (they are out there).

Very best wishes for great events!

Mark Mahar

888.985.1995 toll free