New Productions – Now in our 16th Year!

After several years of catering to private/corporate clients through various ensembles, I am turning the focus of Boston Swing back to our roots.

The Boston Swing lineup will always include client access to our talented friends (independent pop, soul, funk, motown and r&b front-line performers from around the country), but from here forward we are focusing our energy back on the sound that put us on the map in the first place:

The Rat Pack & American Songbook

I am embracing the philosophy of doing one thing…and doing it better than anyone else.

We will soon be releasing public performance dates and some exciting new productions.

For nearly 100 years, the American Songbook has influenced all styles of music.

As we approach the centennial of Sinatra’s birth (and so many other great artists who were timeless ambassadors for the genre),  I’m beginning efforts to produce several themed productions.

Making use of our extensive chart library (over 1600 titles) and our extremely talented band mates, I have no doubt that our coming shows and music will honor the genre in a way which few bands can.

Thank you for supporting Boston Swing, in our now 14th year!

Very best,

Mark Mahar,
Crooner / Bandleader